Should Child Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned

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Child Beauty Pageants need to be Banned Beauty pageants or beauty contests hold the purpose of ranking girls based on their physical attributes, personality traits, and on talents or skills. On average, 2.5 million girls participate in beauty pageants each year. Of the 2.5 million, 250,000 of these contestants are children under the age of 16 (Demographic Partitions). While the parents may thoroughly enjoy the entertainment involved, most children do not feel the same way. Beauty pageants involving children have both positive and negative outcomes, but the majority are negative due to the high heels, overuse of hairspray, and outrageous amounts of makeup. It’s time for a change. Child-oriented beauty pageants should be banned due to the negative physiological deficits on young girls. Adolescents that take part in beauty pageants when they are young are facing difficult psychological problems such as, sexulaizing at a young age, low self esteem, and body image issues. Recent surveys show that the number one wish for 11-17 year old girls is to be thinner (Morgan). When kids engage in beauty contests, they are no longer supposed to look cute, rather they are supposed to be attractive. They wear revealing clothes, loads of makeup, and fake teeth and hair. Child Beauty Pageants produce many different life-altering emotional and physical deficits. Although condemning the contests wouldn’t totally fix these problems, it would be a tremendous change, and would have many positive
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