Should Child Labor Be Safer?

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We all like to wear the newest, most fashionable clothes for a cheap price. What we fail to think about while purchasing these items is how they made it to the store in the first place; someone had to make the clothes you are wearing, but who? After some research, I found our cheap fashion is coming from working children from all over the world. Receiving clothes from foreign countries like Brazil and many more is doing more harm than good to the working children. The working conditions for these children should be safer. The practice has caused people to buy cheap fashion without realizing the consequence for the children who made it. Before I began researching how child labor runs in the common fashion business, I wanted to know if child…show more content…
Of the latter, 126 million were engaged in hazardous work. The corresponding figures for the narrower age group of five to fourteen-year-olds are 191 million economically active children, 166 million child laborers, and 74 million children in hazardous work. The decline was much greater for those engaged in hazardous work: by twenty-six percent for the 5-17 age group and thirty-three percent for five to fourteen-year-olds. (UN Child Labor) Looking at the statistics it is easy to determine child labor is not something that went away over time. Not only is the number of children in child labor at an all-time high, the children are also younger than ever. This alone is a valid reason for why working conditions for children should be made safer rather than getting rid of it as a whole. However if the number of working children were to have decreased over the past twenty-seven years, we can make the argument that child labor is not a necessity. Imagine how much damage would be done to the countries that support child labor and the families these children contribute to if their jobs were outlawed. Ethics and morals are different everywhere, just because Americans do not agree with how a business is run it should not mean that we get rid of it. Children have been working for too long for it
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