Should Children Be Restricted In Front Of The Media Screen Research

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My opinion on the issue of whether or not children should be restricted from spending time in front of media screens is, they should be able to spend at least a couple hours a day watching tv, playing video games, etc. Another thing is kids should be outside playing too, it doesn't mean they should pick one or the other.

It is proven that kids who watch television with their parent's it reduces fear, anger, and increased learning. Honestly, the main reason i know that is true is because when I watch television with my parents, it reduces anger and fear. There is a catch to watching too much television. It disrupts sleep, saps mental energy, and it also can give you depression. It also can affect you at a young age, preschoolers lower their ability to complete a given task.
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I may have some reasons why students should be restricted from media screens as well as, taking advantage of the media screens, becoming obese, and also lacking communication skills. My family and I know alot about communication skills because my brother has none, and he decides to stay inside all day and stay on his phone. Another proven fact is, parents and their children playing video games together offers chances for social contact and learning.

As you can see, there are negative affects for restricting childrens media screens, and there is also positive ones. If you can't see that screen time has become an everyday part of life for children, then you've been living under a, in my own opinion, I think children should not be restricted from media
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