Should Children Be Vaccinated?

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One of the greatest public health interventions that has had an impact on fighting diseases is vaccination. According to Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, a vaccine is any suspension containing antigenic molecules derived from a microorganism, given to stimulate an immune response to an infectious disease. The 19th century and the 20th century were known for the great achievements of great vaccine scientists such as Louis Pasteur and Edward Jenner. A substantial amount of vaccines prevent illnesses or death caused by infectious diseases for millions of individuals every year. Without vaccinations, infectious diseases would have taken over the world. Childhood vaccinations are important. Why? “An ounce of prevention is worth a
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Andy Cutler and Dr Amy Holmes, CST News, Thimerosal is 50% mercury by weight. In October 1998, the FDA banned the use of thimerosal in over the counter medications, but it is still used in most vaccines. Since multiple vaccines are often given on the same day, the amount of mercury injected into a typical infant exceeds the EPA's "safe" limits. Many vaccinations are given on the same day and mercury stays in the body for a long time; the toxins from the mercury may bind together in the organs of the body if the child is not able to get rid of the mercury quickly. A reader writing to Organic Consumer Report (June 13, 1968) mentions an article which appeared in Medical World which stated that about 3,000 children each year suffer varying degrees of brain damage as the result of smallpox vaccination. This same writer mentions
CHILDHOOD VACCINATIONS 5 another medical journal in which Dr. G. Kittel, M.D., reported that in the previous year, smallpox vaccination damaged the hearing of 3,296 children in West Germany and 71 became totally deaf."—W. James, Immunization: Reality Behind the Myth, 1988, p. 18. A lot of parents are against the immunizations that are mandated for their children because of religious and philosophical reasons. It may be
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