Should Children Forced To Be A Soldier?

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A typical child is thought of as a innocent, gentle kid. Kids do no real harm, and is at their purest out of their lifetime. Many people do not think that a child could be a soldier. The sad truth is, this is the world we live in. A world where children are becoming soldiers. Children in Somalia and many other countries are being forced into being a soldier. Not only forced , but being drugged, threatened, and brainwashed. These kids are not kids anymore. They are forcefully being recruited as weapons. Some parents are selling their children to get money. There are some that volunteer, but more are being forced. Children ages 8-15 are acting as soldiers. Not comprehending what they are doing, They kill for the people that recruited them,…show more content…
When a child is hurt, a band aid is the cure. Just not for the children in Asia, and Africa. Several kids are being threatened into being a soldier. Because they have nowhere to go. Militaries have murdered kids families, so they can recruit them for war. The corporations give these kids a life or death choice. Sadly, it is basically like they have no choice, but to be a killer. According to the Hour News Report , the kids, “ do whatever the commanders want you to do, if not, they will kill you.”(Ishmael Beah) In this case, no kid has a choice. These kids do not know how to say no. They do not have the mental capacity to reject their offer. “At this age you not psychologically mature to make decisions for yourself.” (Ishmael Beah). Children’s brains have not developed enough to think of alternative choices. Kids are not good with ultimatums. These children are, “terrorized into joining the country’s army.” (Gettleman 7) Corporations did not ask these kids, they threatened them, with no consideration at all. This why these child soldiers should be granted amnesty. Militaries are using these kids to kill. They programed their brain to think the way they…show more content…
They are more violent, than gentle. Child soldiers are threatened, brainwashed, and told they can be safe. These kids are not themselves. They are being manipulated not even knowing it. Child soldiers are unaware of their actions. These kids are trapped inside of their own body. The killer kid outweighs their gentle child. So, theses kids should be given amnesty for their crimes. If someone were to ask a child soldier is him or her were happy. That kid would say “yes”. Because deep down they do not want to hurt again. These kids do not want to ripped away from their family again. These have created a strong bond with the other soldiers, they never want to
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