Should Children Unnecessary Rewards?

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Do you think we give children unnecessary rewards? Giving too many incentives to kids could actually turn negative. The most talked about reward given is from participation in sports. Every player on the team receives a trophy, win or lose. This does not prepare children for the real world where they are not always going to be a winner; which could later lead to self esteem issues. The second point I’m going to talk about every parent does, and maybe even without noticing. It’s that parents practically bribe their children for doing what they ask them to do. They give an allowance for doing chores and buy their child a treat for acting right in public. How can we expect our young ones to learn and try their hardest when they know they’re just going to get rewarded? Finally, even in schools we give our small one’s big gold stars for good behavior and learning. Some teachers even pass out candy when a student answers a question correctly. The constant trophies lead children to temporary good behavior and they expect more material things. If we look back 50 years’ trophies were fairly rare. They were made of sterling silver and only given at special occasions, such as the Olympics. Trophies began to appear in the media around the 1960s. “This is the process of prize proliferation, whereby the number of public awards grows. Observers have been commenting on this trend for several decades” (Best). Prize proliferation leads to children becoming lazy and forming large egos. They…
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