Should Children under 14 Play Contact Sports

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I did not know who to side with. Either yes kids should be able to play contact sports if they were under fourteen or no they shouldn’t. I say yes and no. Yes kids should play football with tackles, soccer with head butts and, hockey with checking. After thinking I decided that I go with yes kids should play contact sports and in the essay I will tell you why.
In this paragraph I’ll tell you about the pros of playing contact sports. It’s no fun without head butting the ball in soccer or tackling someone in foot ball to obtain the ball or checking someone to score a goal in hockey. Most contact sports related injuries are very minor. Rarely do the major injuries occur. WebMD states “Kids who play contact sports should be moderated and not go to crazy. Your child can avoid these injuries if they take some precautions while playing.” Without checking someone in hockey or tackling someone in football that games would become much boring for the audience and the players. Contact sports are also good if you want to learn how to become a better athlete. In the big leagues and in college contact sports you do tackle and check. It’s better to learn these tactics when you are younger so you can become better are them when you are older. Contact sports should be played by kids 14 and under because the dangers and risks are very rare and often do not occur.

In this paragraph I will talk about the dangers of contact…
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