Should Christians Keep Up With The Latest Styles?

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The topic that I have chosen is, should Christians keep up with the latest styles? A lot of times in society we have created this picture that in church you have to be more old school with the suit, and tie. In today’s age the younger crowd of believers are not attracted to God through dressing up in a way that would make them selves feel uncomfortable. The argument then becomes whether or not it is acceptable for the Christian believer to keep up with the latest trends or are those trends pushing them away from God by the way they dress. Christians in today’s society more, and more are coming to churches that they are taken where they are no matter how they look. A lot of our older generation has been apart of a culture that you need to look professional in a setting like church. In reality, who created this culture of how someone should like in church? Where in the bible does it display a dress code of how one must dress? We as a Church are the body of Christ, and there for supposed to take people in no matter where they are at. A lot of churches look down on people who are into the latest styles because it is abstract to what they are used to. Just like the non-believer who does not understand a relationship with God is so much better then a life without. People don’t like what they cannot understand. So people find ways to want things to stay the same in a way that they have always known, because change scares them. If society always stayed in the mentality of sticking
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