Should Cigarette Smoking Be Harmful?

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Smoking is growing popular for both the old and the young; it’s a habit which is very unhealthy that increases person chances of lung damage. The smoke from the cigarette enhances the possibility of damaging everybody lungs around you that is called second hand smoke, which kill more people a year than the actual cigarette smoking. While cigarette smoking is harmful to your health, the E-cigarettes have little to no harm on the changes of developing lung cancer or other health issues. Smoking cigarettes has a long lasting effect on the environment the smell can gets into clothing, air vent and other house furnish. However, when smoking E-cigarettes, the only thing which comes out is a vapor mist, which has no smell and do not stay on or in the room that the person is in. The price for buying cigarette is outages compared to the price of buying E-cigarette. On average the price of buying packets of cigarette is much higher than buying one cartridge of E-cigarettes, it take over four pack of cigarette just to add up to one refill. So if the habit is too hard to change then cigarettes are not the right answer smoking E- cigarette would be the best solution. What to Choose to Smoke? It is clear that cigarette companies is a global marketing industry, it lure people of all ages to spend their last in order to have the life sucked out of them with lifelong illnesses. But if you choose to smoke cigarette then choose E-Cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes. There are more
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