Should Cloning Be Allowed?

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Though many have agreed that cloning should not be further researched there are still those who believe otherwise. Why exactly do people believe that research on human cloning should be allowed? A significant reason is that cloned embryos are believed to be a necessity for research on embryonic stem cells that have proven to have the potential to revolutionize medicine worldwide. “Scientists believe that cloned embryonic stem cell research will lead to cures for many diseases and will provide tissues and organs for transplant and treatment of degenerative conditions.” (Lauritzen) Although most scientists are nearly unified in their opposition to cloning humans for reproductive purposes (Klotzko pg. 120), on-going research towards other goals makes it difficult for most to oppose the research. This is because research done on therapeutic cloning is directed and motivated by the anticipation that cloning technology will have compelling health benefits to many. Cloning is hoped to possibly lead to transplant therapies with the assistance of cloned embryonic stem cells that are altered and modified to individual patients using their own DNA. If methods of therapeutic cloning using the cloned embryos are found to be successful, then organs could become available to those who are terminally ill or just ill, using these perfectly matched and harvested cloned organs. Cloned embryos could provide genetically perfect tissues and organs that could save countless lives and even

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