Should Cloning be Illegal or Legal?

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Should cloning be illegal or legal?

Cloning is the name for a group of organisms or other living matter with exactly the same genetic material. Cloning contains of genes and genetic material ,and the parts of cells that determine characteristics in living things. Some examples, of cloning material consists in nature, humans, and in most cases animals. Human cases of cloning: Clones in human cases are transformed through a very natural way. In most cases it is just naturally caused when identical twins or when some genetically identical multiple births happen. There are very many ways that this can happen. One way is called, “Single-celled organisms”.
This process is transformed by including bacteria, protozoa, and yeast. This creates it to produce genetically identical offsprings going through a asexual reproduction. These offsprings only develop from only one parent and are made as a clone. It’s also called gene cloning and it produces copies of genes or segments of DNA. In which this case many scientist use this cloning procedure. They produce many examples of cloning in biological research labs. Examples they use are that they can isolate individual cancer cells and enable them to reproduce to form a cell colonies. These colonies consist of many clones of the original cancer cell. Scientist also develop clones of the chemical substance DNA. DNA mostly occurs in every little thing cell and often contains thousands of genes. The reason why
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