Should Club Sports Be Competitive Sports?

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Participation in college club sports continues to rise with an estimated two million students currently involved. These clubs provide an attractive alternative for students who wish to continue competitive sports without the time commitment associated with intercollegiate athletics. Further, because students’ self-govern the club sports, the experience affords important leadership opportunities. Additionally, club sports can offer students unique activities such as equestrian or mountaineering which due to fiscal and logically challenges could not achieve varsity status. For these reasons, club sports fill an important gap in the recreational opportunities available for students. Yet, club sports can provide a legal issue that…show more content…
News & World Report, n.d.). Besides academics, Carleton emphasizes physical education that results in over 90% of the students participating in either intramural, club, or varsity sport programs through the Physical Education, Athletics, and Recreation Department (PEAR). The club sports program offers twenty-one teams such as lacrosse, tennis, and hockey (see Table 1). With club sports, the school wants to “promote health, physical well-being and the acquisition of physical development” while striving to achieve three objectives (Carleton College, 2014a, p. 6): 1. To make available to students opportunities for the instruction and participation in a wide range of recreational and competitive programs which can develop sound lifelong leisure values and skills. Staff, faculty, and alumni may attend practices and instructional classes but not participate in organized competition. 2. To provide an avenue for camaraderie in the college community through common interests; to develop a feeling of belonging among individuals in the shared pursuit of leisure interests. 3. To develop leadership by providing opportunities for students to organize, administrate and problem solve for individual clubs and to become officers thereof. PEAR manages these club sports program through an executive council with the Sports Director serving as the chairperson and club
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