Should College Athlete Be Paid?

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Throughout history the big question surrounding the college athletic industry is if college athletes should get paid for the participation in the sport. It has recently over the past few years been brought up as a huge topic in college athletics, a lot of people have their views in if they should or shouldn’t. The big picture everyone has to look at and get an understanding to be the economic aspect of it. There are a lot of factors that people fail to realize that involve paying these athletes such as the supply, demand elasticity, taxes and equity vs efficiency, all of these play a minor role in the impact of the answer people are waiting to get. In my opinion I feel as an athlete myself I feel we should get paid for playing sports. But…show more content…
It impacts the athlete because they work so hard in the class room to get good grades and then after their classes they have 3 hour practices by the time they get out its really late and on top of that they have homework to do which makes them stay up for all hours of the night and they have to do this every day for college for a maximum of four years. They should get some type of award rather than just there graduation diploma. As far as for any college in general the profit from big name athletes on their campus because if there athletes are really loved by the fans everyone would want to buy their jerseys and or school gear and it helps them make money for the school to prosper from. As long as the school continues to bring in big name recruits they will be able to prosper for a very long time. When it comes to general regional economics there rate of revenue and profit for as long as big name athletes stay in the region for, once the big names leave the revenue would go down and there is no time table to when the next big name athlete will come into the region it could be the following year or it could be ten years from now but that is always the game stores play in the particular region there in. In a lot of regions in the United States they never have to worry about a decline in economics because the schools that are in the region are always bringing in athletes

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