Should College Athletes Be Allowed?

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MSU is home to many popular and original clubs and organizations that students of MSU can join to pass time or even join because he or she finds the club or organization interesting. There are more than 300 clubs and organizations ran by students of MSU. and these leaders are in charge of running any special activities during or after school and these events range from simple speeches to huge concerts used to raise money and awareness for certain causes. These clubs can range from simple get togethers to collegiate competitions between other and rival colleges. The club or organizations can be for sports, games, classes the students is taking, or even just friends wanting to get together to talk about what is going on in their lives. One of these clubs is the Archery club. The archery club is a club that accepts any bow enthusiasts whether they are just getting into bows or have been shooting bows for years. They accept students that are interested in all kinds of bows whether it’s a long bow, curved bow, compound bow, crossbow, etc. The archery club at MSU is a competitive club that competes collegiately in shooting events with other archery clubs from other colleges but one does not have to compete in any competitions to be able to join this club. In a shorter sentence the MSU Archery Club is for bow enthusiasts that seek to show off their skills in competitions against other bow enthusiasts. Another club found on MSU’s campus is Club Baseball. Club Baseball is a club
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