Should College Athletes Be Banned?

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On July 21, 2009, Ed O’Bannon filled a lawsuit against the NCAA for profiting off of student athlete’s likeness. This lawsuit is still in the process of appeal to this day. However, as now (November 2, 2015), it appears O’Bannon has won the case. This is giving permission to universities to allow stipends to student athletes. A stipend is an allowance for players that is essentially paying players for playing college sports. Most division one programs are jumping on the ability to start paying their players because they do not want to fall behind the ability to bring in top athletes. The NCAA is still in the process of appealing the ruling to pay student athletes. One of the problems that O’Bannon is reaching out for college athletes is…show more content…
A lot of that money will be shared with the colleges. But the players will not receive any of it.” (Vardaan) So, these basketball players are taking nearly a month off of time off of their studies and personal/family life to bring in “roughly $900 million in revenue” (Berr). Still, these athletes will not see any of that money. But why haven’t the athletes been able to see some of that extra revenue? After all, without the players there wouldn’t be any revenue. The thought that college sports can be so extremely profitable, especially for the NCAA seems a little ridiculous. Why are they able to keep this much money while also finding a way around paying the athletes who actually bring in the revenue? It is a question that doesn’t seem to have an answer. Athletes are making money and the NCAA doesn’t want to share. One stance that the NCAA has is the argument that “They (college athletes) are students receiving access to a college education through their participation in sports, for which they earn scholarships to pay tuition, fees, room and board, and other allowable expenses. Collegiate sports is not a career or profession. It is the students ' vehicle to a higher education degree”. (Mitchell) It is an easy stance to have when the NCAA doesn’t have to pay for the free education, the universities do. “Playing a college sport can be like working a full-time job. College athletes
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