Should College Athletes Be Exempt From Class?

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Should college athletes be exempt from class

Should college athletes be allowed to skip classes? No, because they signed up to be a student athlete. Student athletes should be forced to go to all classes because they have to get the same work as everyone else in the class and the same education to get the same degree as the other non student athletes.It`s understood that they have very long nights and train for hours and hours a day just for sports, but they need to work just as hard if not harder on their studies.Student athlete`s can miss a practice because of school work , and education comes first no matter how good you are at the sport if you do not have the grades you do not play. but as an extra incentive to get players to class the universities pay other students to keep track of the athletes.

If the student athlete is to be absent then, the instructor should be notified ahead of time, so that the student can get the work or notes he will be missing. The student athletes should have all of his instructors and maybe even a good student in the class phone numbers, so that they can ask them what they missed or can make up if gone for a game. Georgia state implemented a solution to student athletes missing class. If a student athlete misses a class they are fined $10 a time or a game suspension for an unexcused absence. the university has seen a greater spike in student athletes grades.A recent study at Harvard University found 60 percent of students on
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