Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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Student Athletes Every year, college athletes put their bodies on the line to play the game. Many viewers tune in every weekend to see their favorite team or player play. Athletes have gone bankrupt or owed student loans because they could not earn money while in school. Practices are a mandatory they have to attend and with the strict schedule they cannot look for a job. Student scholarships can only cover so much for expenses and most of the time it is not enough to carry them throughout school. Paying college athletes will solve the injuries, bankruptcy, and financial awareness they face when playing a sport. Playing a college sport can be very difficult for many reasons, the amount the time and energy put forth into that sport.…show more content…
When athletes begin playing on a professional level, they are drafted to a team. Whether it is a large amount or small amount they are signed to a contract. However, some of them use their money unwisely and find themselves in debt. In order to counter this they should be allowed a sum of money while attending school to enable them to be financially aware. Yes, some may argue that scholarships are enough to cover the student’s expenses when in reality it will not be enough to support them all 4 years. According to the Huffington Post, Hartnett writes, “On average, a full Division 1 scholarship is $25,000 per year. That’s $100,000 over four years!” You might say well that is enough right? That is a lot of money to take into consideration but it is not enough. Also to mention that is a Division one school, where the price of tuition and other things are more priced. How are student athletes from lower division schools supposed to earn enough money to support them? The price of tuition is unbelievable in the sense that it is too much. Yes the more prestigious the school is the pricier it becomes. But what about athletes from schools who are Division two or Division three? Yes the tuition may be lower however; the amount of financial aid or scholarships would be lowered as well. With the amount lessened student athletes will find themselves with less money to save and most if not all will go to books, meals, and if they choose to live

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