Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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When we think of college athletes, we always think of how great these athletes are in their sports and how hard they are striving to be better in their sports. But what we do not see is when these athletes aren’t scoring touchdowns or making the buzzer beater 3 pointers is how their regular day to day life is, and how it could be difficult financially. This brings up the question of why are college athletes not currently being compensated for their participation in their sports? Why do they have to rely on a faulty scholarship that isn’t even guaranteed to the athlete to play sports for their college? If they are even lucky enough to receive one. When they aren’t even able to even receive a scholarship they have to pay for everything out of pocket. Which makes it difficult to do so since they mostly just practice and go to school everyday. It may be very difficult to continue to live the life of a college athlete and for some, their college career is cut short. The inability to pay their way through school may lead to the athlete carrying more stress that will be shown in their performance in class, by grades, attendance etc. This topic caught my interest by coming across it on YouTube and I instantly connected it to my love for sports. Seeing these athletes do the best they possibly can for their team everyday makes these sports exciting. These college athletes having to end their college career early is something we should not have to see. After searching my topic of

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