Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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College athletes have been giving their all on their respective fields for decades without reasonable compensation. Often times, these athletes have been training since elementary school and some even before that. Each and every day they train and compete while risking their potential future career without any pay. These athletes deserve to be rewarded for their hard work, dedication, and most of all, profitability.
Supply and demand is a very simple economic principle, one that very much plays in the favor of college athletes. The demand for high school aged athletes (some not attending school), is astoundingly high. Top recruits may be approached by dozens of college coaches, several agents, and potentially even a professional league. Not only do teams want their name across a player 's chest, fans want nothing more than to see their favorite team’s jersey donned by the best players. In 2006, fans spent an astounding $4.2 billion dollars on college basketball. Between coaches, agents, and fans, the number of people trying to get to an “amateur” athlete is seemingly infinite.
A major argument by those who oppose paying college athletes is that they are amateurs who are students first and athletes second. However, that is not nearly the case. Many athletes in college are there to compete and attend school simply because they have to in order to play for that particular team. The NCAA purposely schedules games for times in which players are guaranteed to miss class, for

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