Essay on Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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College athletes have traditionally never been paid in the modern era. The amateur tradition that we know actually began in Victorian times during the 19th century. (Classical athletes in Greek and Roman times were always professionals no matter what their status.) This state of affairs has been accepted over the last 200 years in Western culture.
Athletes do, however, help to create substantial revenue for colleges, including indirectly through advertising money. One possible solution to this might be to allow athletes to have their own endorsement deals, personally. In this scenario, the money would flow to the athlete not from the college, but from a major corporation. This would be only slightly different in principle from a college
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This is backed up by the fact that many athletes themselves deny that they were or are “exploited” in college (40). More importantly, college athletes receive an expensive education which, for scholarship players, is free. They also get perks, including preferential treatment from some professors who may tell athletes “just show up in class and you’ll get a ‘C’ grade.”
After graduation, college athletes receive additional benefits, even if they are not part of the admittedly tiny group of athletes with the skills to play professionally (McCormack 21). Status as a former star athlete, or even an ordinary one, can open many doors in the professional world, especially in fields like sales and marketing. People enjoy associating themselves with athletic performers, especially those from their own alma mater. In addition, many colleges have developed special programs to help former athletes return and – if they have not received their degree, as many do not – complete their education ( 22). These programs make it a relatively simple process for a former college athlete to obtain his or her degree. More and more colleges are providing programs to help former athletes in a variety of ways, with the focus on helping them earn a degree ( 25). Some of these programs are still available to

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