Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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College sports are extremely popular across America and bring in billions of dollars of revenue every year through ticket and merchandise sales. Currently, the National Collegiate Athletics Association, or the NCAA, gains around 11 billion dollars in revenue annually ( The problem at hand is that the college athletes who are performing on the field to bring in all of this money do not receive any of it, all of the revenue goes to the university and the NCAA. This money then vanishes into growing black holes such as million dollar coach contracts and stadium renovations. The NCAA argues that a full ride scholarship is compensation enough for players, but in reality that is not true and some players are not even on scholarship. My solution to fix this problem is to simply pay college athletes. This would be done by the University and the NCAA returning a portion of their profits back to the players. Some of the extra funds needed would also be acquired by lowering coach salaries. Last year the head football coach of the University of Alabama made around 7 million dollars (USA Today). There is no need for a coach to be paid all that money and the players not get paid anything. My solution involves college athletes being paid based on a tiered performance system. This means the athletes who play the most and perform the best would be paid more than players that do not play as much or perform as well. Players would also receive a percentage of revenue that the

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