Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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The topic of paying college athletes for their athletic performance has become a rising issue over the years. Currently, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) does not allow college athletes to accept any money from sponsors or charge money for things such as autographs. College level athletes are also not allowed to receive payment for their participation under the NCAA rules. Therefore, it can be looked at as college athletes are working for virtually no reward. I find this to be a flaw in the NCAA system. I, myself, am a college athlete, and I understand what it is like to put in the hard work and time and get almost nothing in return. I believe that college athletes should receive some sort of payment for their hard work and dedication they put into their sports. I will be focusing this essay around the concept of why athletes deserve some form of payment. Although most athletes receive some sort of scholarship, it does not completely cover the cost of attending a university. Athletes are also a good part of the reason college level sports bring in such high revenue totals. Lastly, college athletes dedicate an extensive amount of extra time to their college sport, missing out on some of the most important college services. Because of this, college athletes deserve some sort of payment for their time. First and foremost, college athletes should be paid because of the extensive amount of time they spend on their sport. Personally, while I was on the Bethany

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