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The NCAA makes more than a billion dollars during March Madness each year due to all the sponsors and other advertising. College Athletes need to be paid because an average they practice up to five days a week during the season and also have lots of training in the offseason. Plus they have to attend school every day which gives college athletes no time to actually have a full functioning job to be able to buy groceries and other expenses. The athletes only have their scholarship to use for other payments if they have one and maybe there parents aren’t able to pay for their apartments and other expenses. So they could use some extra money on the side. During the month of March the college basketball teams play throughout the month for…show more content…
““Football and men’s basketball players at top sports schools are being denied at least $6.2 billion between 2011 and 2015 under National Collegiate Athletic Association rules that prohibit them from being paid,” according to a study by the National College Players Association and the Drexel University Sport Management Department.” (Hayes) The most valuable college basketball team last year was the Louisville Cardinals and a study shows that each player from the team was denied up to $6.5 million each in uncompensated labor. The basketball program there brought in about 42.4 million in revenue in the 2011- 2012 academic year, according to the Department of Education. That money could very easily be split up between each other players on the team and there would be a lot left over to pay the couches salaries and other stuff that they need to buy. If Louisville was able to bring that much money throughout the basketball season then other would definitely have enough money as well to pay off each of their student athletes per year. Also more people can fit into the football stadiums so if there were able to fit up to 100,000 people in a stadium and make the starting price of each

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