Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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College sports is a business that brings in a lot of money to schools and athletic programs. Division I college athletes, particularly football and basketball players, get many perks for contributing to the team’s season and devoting so much time to the sport. What is not often thought about is the money that football and basketball brings in and what the athletes get in return for bringing this money to the university. Many athletes are taken advantage of because the schools use the money for their own benefit, do not take into consideration the athletes busy schedule and not having time for a job, their living and medical expenses, and how important they are to bringing in money for the school. The amount of money brought in by Division I football can be as great as $196 million in revenue. This money goes towards facilities, marketing, staff salaries, and many other departments throughout the university. Typically, the better the team does, the more money they make. An example of this is the University of Iowa’s football team. Although they did not win the Rose Bowl or Big Ten Championship game, they were expecting an increase in revenue by about $5 million from the previous season due to their successful regular season and the opportunities that they had in the postseason (Batterson, 2016). This allowed them to make renovations to Kinnick Stadium and increase the coaches’ salaries. Of course, it is important to remember that without the players, the team would not have

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