Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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A highly debated topic in college sports today is whether or not schools should begin to pay their athletes. As major college sports become more popular, more money is being brought into universities because of their athletics. High level Division 1 coaches and athletic directors make millions of dollars, and some are the highest paid state employees if they are at a public institution. Because of the profits athletes can generate for schools, student-athletes should receive some amount of compensation in addition to any scholarships they have. In my essay, I will present the argument for and against paying college athletes on an economic level. I will also examine recent court cases involving the issue. Athletes being paid illegally on recent occasions will also be briefly discussed. With the rising cost of education, more and more college graduates finish school with large debts before they even have their first major jobs. Scholarships and grants certainly help, but they fail to cover the full cost of attendance. Some students get a start on covering this debt by getting a work study job on campus or a job off campus. Student athletes don’t have the opportunity to do this during the school year. Instead, they travel to sporting events, have practices almost every day, and have mandatory workout sessions. This does not include voluntary activities that are necessary if athletes want an edge amongst their peers or if they have aspirations of playing

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