Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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Established in 1906, the NCAA is now accumulating around one billion dollars annually, and has made just over seven billion dollars since 2006. Since the establishment of the organization, the only money that has been offered to student athletes is in the form of a scholarship. As of right now, student athletes do not receive salaries, only some form of scholarships. If these student athletes were given salaries instead, it could go a long way. In an article from TheSportster, stated that “If college football players received decent middle class wages, many players would be able to send some money home, which would in turn encourage many parents to convince their sons that they should stay in school” (Craig Keolanui). Also, if the…show more content…
This quote explains that the suggested salaries would not cover everything for their college life, such as books and board. Furthermore, a scholarship provides the choice to obtain a bachelor 's degree in their selected subject, giving them the opportunity and knowledge to get a better job in the future. In contrast, college athletes simply give up too much to not be compensated. On average, college athletes spend on average 40 hours a week either practicing, or playing. Even with all of this time and effort given, it appears as not enough to be compensated for. In addition, the annual NCAA men 's basketball tournament referred to as “March Madness” affects more than six days of classes, which affects their learning in the classroom. Plus, everyday, every practice and every game athletes give up their bodies and health to play their sports. Everyday they live with the chance to get injured, which could even end some careers. And when athletes do get seriously injured, they have to pay for it, not the university. Equally important is the fact of recognizing college athletes as employees. At most schools, college coaches regulate student athlete speech on various social media websites, even when their sport is not in session. Treating them like employees, unpaid employees. In an article from TheSportster, it is stated that “Getting paid in college would help teach these players some responsibility before they are

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