Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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Football It is third down and long. The quarterback is under center, and his receivers are split out wide. He takes the snap, fakes the hand-off, and drops back into the pocket. He surveys the defense, and fires a perfect strike into the back of the end zone for the game -winning touchdown. Victory! Daleville High School defeats Enterprise High School for the first time ever. His teammates hoist the quarterback onto their shoulders, and jubilantly carry him off the field. Abruptly, the dream changes. He drops back in the pocket, releases the ball, and it is intercepted. Suddenly, the young man awakens and gratefully realizes he is only dreaming. With sweat beading on his forehead, he props back on his pillows and…show more content…
As the third quarter comes to a close, only twelve minutes remain before the only smells will be of the locker room, a fresh shower, and the air of victory or defeat. The scoreboard horn blares to signal the end of the game. The Enterprise band triumphantly belts out the fight song. Wildcat fans jump and shout in victory along with the players and cheerleaders. Dejectedly, the Daleville players head to their locker room, their hopes of victory dashed. Quietly, the Warhawk fans gather their belongings, and began to head home. The tall stadium lights are turned off, but they do not immediately go dark. Instead, they dim and fade slowly, just as the hopes of the Senior quarterback. He is the last player on the field, and as he walks off his father joins him, and arm and arm they leave the field. (They are two men, one whose dream was never realized, and one whose was.) The writing here is crisp and winning. My only real problem overall is that I have a hard time keeping track of which school belongs to which team. In a similar view, there exists early on some confusion as to the central figure of the essay -#12, the QB, and the ‘player’ are all the same figure, but that is not immediately clear, as it should be. Easy fixes but crucial ones. 85 Mel the parenthesis stand for subjective intrusion. If you have any more questions call my cell. I

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