Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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Mark Huitron Mrs. Wierson English 1301-3rd period 31 October 2014 If You Ain’t Talking Money, I Don’t Want to Talk What has been a hot topic for several years now is why the NCAA still refuses to pay their student athletes as well as ban them from making any financial income off their names. The amount of time put in to athletics can interfere with performance in the classroom. They are students first and athletes second and the purpose of the scholarship is to get an education while competing in athletics. A highly controversial topic for several is the amount of time put in to athletics can interfere in the classroom while at the same time, they are students first and athletes second NCAA athletes have gone on for several years trying…show more content…
And N.C.A.A investigation Manziel was handed a silly punishment: a half-game suspension, which he served last Saturday, when the Aggies played their opening game of the season against the Owls of Rice University. The N.C.A.A. said that it found no evidence that he had taken any money, but it imposed the penalty because one of its rules states that players can 't sign autographs for people who are going to try to make money from their signature, even if they reap no reward themselves” (Nocera A.23). Most believe that this rule is ridiculous since the athlete puts in a substantial amount of time and effort to not be able to at least profit from their own name. Which in turn after this ruling created a firestorm of whether the suspension was too lenient for Johnny Manziel, or whether the suspension was actually ridiculous in its own sense. Although former star University of California at Los Angeles star basketball took the use of his image, Los Angeles Times Lee Romney reports “A federal judge here dealt a major blow Friday to the NCAA and its long-held value of amateurism, ruling in an antitrust case that the association 's policies banning athletes from profiting from their own names, images and likenesses "unreasonably restrain trade." (Romney A.1). Another topic that could be greatly
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