Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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What college athlete would not want to be paid to play the sport that he or she loves? The real question is, though, should college athletes be paid for their roles in a college’s athletics? They are many points to each side of this recent controversial topic, which is why this has been made into such a hot debate in the past couple of years. As of right now, these athletes are not getting paid, but many of them truly believe that they should. Others believe that they already are being paid through certain types of scholarships and don’t deserve anything more than that. With that being said, there are two sides of this topic that have quality points. A college athlete is also known as a student athlete. As a student athlete, the student…show more content…
Only 2% are drafted into the NFL for instance, while the other 98% are getting a $200,000 education for free. There are eighty scholarship players on each of the 112 Division 1-A teams. This costs a university $16,000,000 to pay for an entire roster over four years (1 “College Athletes Shouldn’t Be Paid”). With all of that money being thrown around, it would be difficult for a college to determine which athlete gets paid how much, and if one sport deserves to get paid more than another. Another reason that people believe college athletes should not be paid is that they need to be focusing more on their education since it is being paid for. Since only a small amount make it big time, college athletes should be encouraged to finish their degrees and utilize the educational opportunities in front of them. Former Florida Gators football player Matt Elam earned a seven-figure salary in the NFL but returned to Gainesville during the offseason to continue his degree. He even took a low-paying job at a sporting goods store to get a better grasp on the business he wants to pursue after his NFL career. He did this because he understands his career could be very short (2 “College Athletes Shouldn’t Be Paid”). Matt knew that the only way he could become successful outside of football was to earn a college degree. He worked for a future and did not expect to be paid as a college athlete. To add on to why these athletes do not deserve to be

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