Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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Should College Athletes Be Paid? Over the past few decades college sports has grown in popularity across the United States. But it hasn’t been until recent years that many Americans have started to argue about the big revenues generated by many of the elite sports programs. However the big question that stands out is: should the athletes generating millions of dollars worth of profit a year for their University receive any of the money for their performance? Even though student athletes don’t receive a big paycheck at the end of the month, in one way or the other they do receive rewarding benefits through scholarships and grants because of their ability to be successful on the playing field. Thus, college athletes should not be paid because they are receiving a free education through scholarships and earning countless other benefits for being part of the university’s athletic program. For this informative essay a college athlete from Colorado State University was interviewed about weather or no he though college athletes should receive pay. For personal reasons he decide to remain anonymous. He first began by explaining his personal point of view on the related subject. “I think that as a college athlete I should not receive any money for playing the game I love. I feel truly fortunate for receiving a free education, there is not much more I could ask for” (Anonymous). When asked what his teammates thought about getting paid for their performance he stated. “I’m sure that
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