Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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Have you paid attention to all of the news that has been surfacing about collegiate sports lately? It is a big topic now days in the world of sports on weather college athletes should be getting paid to play sports. College athletics have gained great popularity of the past few decades, and have brought schools lots of revenue. A lot of college athletes think they should be getting paid for their services they do for their school. College sports like basketball and football generate over six billion dollars a year, but none of it goes to the athletes. Athletes should be paid for all of the time and dedication they put forth to their sport and the effort they put towards school to be eligible to play, athletes should get paid for all the money they bring to their school by playing sports, and players should also be paid for putting their bodies on the line while playing sports. When it comes to college athletes their days start out about 5:30 a.m. to get a morning lift in before they have to go sit in the class room for a five plus hours. After sitting in class all day they have to go to practice and then watch tape, after all of this is done usually almost all of the students will have homework to accomplish for the next day. There is definitely not enough time in one day for a student-athlete to hold down a part-time job to help them pay for college. Without being able to hold a part-time job because of the length of their days, how are athletes suppose to pay for school?

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