Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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Should College Athletes be Paid?

Most American people like sports. College Sports have been growing up every year and universities and athletes are more competitive every year. The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) was founded in 1906 to protect young people from the dangerous and exploitive athletics practices of the time and continues to implement that principle with increased emphasis on both athletics and academic excellence (NCAA 2012). The NCAA make and apply the rules in college sports. One of the most pressing issues in Today’s sport world is if College athletes should be paid. Sports such as baseball, football and basketball generate giant amounts of revenue every year and has become the NCAA in a multi-billion
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The NCAA definitely should share a little more with the athletes. The first and easiest argument that people use to fight against payment for college athletes is saying that college athletes get pay because they get a free education. Analyzing this statement we can say that free tuitions education is not everything that college athlete’s needs. A full scholarship in a DIV 1 university cost to the school between $25,000 and $40,000 per year which means $100,000 over 4 years, it sounds like a lot of money, but is it enough? A Full scholarship in a DIV 1 university will cover just the basic needs that athletes require. Is it fair to cover just the basic needs of an athlete who generate to the school a big revenue? For example, according to Economist John Leonard in the book Microeconomics for Today by Irving B. Tucker a star college football player generates around $100.000 per year; Joe Wyoming All American quarterback of the Nebraska State University let his University to play in the Sugar Bowl; Nebraska State University received 5 million for the appearance and his scholarship was not even 1% of the money that a football season generate for the school (John Leonard).

Also, if the NCAA do not want to pay their players, they should let them get a job like any other student. But, they don’t. The NCAA restrict their athletes from having jobs because they do not want to athlete’s performance being affected in any way. It also means, if a fan wants to buy an

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