Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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Over the past few years there has been a huge controversy to take place in the college sports world. Should athletes get paid to play in college? Is the benefit of a free education enough for college athletes? Many experts have argued both sides, in which both are valid but neither one has come up with a deciding factor on why or why not a college athlete should get paid. There is a huge amount of positive and negative outcomes that can be pulled from the situation. College Athletes should not be paid to play because it’s completely unfair to other athletic programs, it would take away the passion and intensity of the sport, and they receive enough compensation as it is. Whether you choose to play football, basketball, baseball or any other sport at a college, is there anyway to pay all these athletes and satisfy each party? There’s not one sports program in the United States that has equal players in every sport. Therefore every athlete can’t be paid the same amount. It’s unfair to athletes and would just bring more problems to school athletics. At most colleges the football and basketball programs bring in the majority revenue. Any money made from these two programs help with the funding of the other sports. More importantly, colleges have other expenses that must be handled first before signing off a check to their athletes. Paying athletes would take money away that could be used to hire more faculty members, supplying students with the newest or more efficient
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