Should College Athletes Be Paid? Essay

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Luckily their revenues do not correspond. Spending millions more to pay players would only make a more difficult financial situation for schools that are already subsidizing athletics. If they expand athletic costs by millions of dollars, that means they’ll be draining the academic budgets even more than they already are. Although Huma, the NCPA and CAPA president says, “The idea that there 's not enough revenue out there is ridiculous. The major conferences recently signed television deals worth an additional $1.2 billion over their previous deals,” he says. He also notes that “schools already share athletic revenue in a variety of ways. If the NCAA is seriously worried about the schools that aren 't making money, the association could institute a revenue-sharing program that would distribute the money more equitably.” (Huma, 2014). Even though student athletes work incredibly hard to not only stay good but also thrive in their collegiate endeavors, that doesn’t mean the university they attend should pay them for it. That’s their choice to play, college is a place for obtaining an education. Not trying to get paid for playing a sport like a professional. The question of whether or not student athletes should get paid arises primarily in reference to student athletes who play football and basketball at NCAA Division I institutions with high profile and high income athletic programs. The argument is that because some institutions receive millions of dollars from the

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