Should College Athletes Get Paid?

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It seems the popularity of college basketball and football keeps increasing each sport season. These sports bring in millions of dollars towards there universities every year. Are these universities ripping these athletes off? Should college athletes get paid? They risk their bodies to bring money for their school. While college athletics bring money toward their schools, paying athletes would change the main role of the university which is to get an education.

Athletes forget that they are student-athletes. It seems that their main priority is their sport. Meanwhile the reason why they are playing the sport is to get an education. In October in 2014 University of North Caroline was investigated. For about 18 years more then 1,000 student- athletes were accused of receiving a “shadow curriculum.” Theodore Ross said in Cracking the Cartel “Athletes were allowed to register for paper classes which involved no interaction with faculty members, required no class attendance or course work other than a single paper” (Ross 46). With the students not going to class or interacting with their professors they are not getting prepared for their future job and career. Odds are these student-athletes will not go on to play in the pros. In an article Scott A. Broadhead wrote he stated “In 1986, 17,623 men played Division 1 college football and basketball. Of these athletes only 1% went on to be become professional athletes” (Broadhead 1). Athletes getting special treatment with class

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