Should College Athletes Get Paid?

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Laderius Curtis
English III
Research Paper
December 13,2016
Should College Athletes Get Paid College sports are something that everyone has thought about, and many question whether or not they should get paid for it. Many Americans question whether or not it is right or wrong to pay college athletes to play sports. College athletes deal with a lot, from balancing classes to long practices in the evening. College is supposed to be a time when some individual figures out what he or she wants to do, but not for athletes. Most college athletes go to college on scholarships, giving them a full ride, but coaches think athletes are supposed to dedicate their life over to sports. I think college athletes should get paid because college is hard enough, and juggling a sport can add more stress to an athlete’s life. College athletes do more work than the people in the NFL and NBA. Being a college athlete is like being on a full-time job, because they dedicate their time and effort to that sport just like any person would on a job. College athletes should be paid because a sport is a full-time job, they devote so much time to it, and schools earn a lot of money off college athletes. Due to this full-time job, college athletes barely spend time with their families because of the long practices and having to travel. Although most athletes go to college on an athletic scholarship they still have to deal with personal expenses such as rent, car notes, and other personal things. College

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