Should College Athletes be Paid? Essay

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Should College Athletes be Paid?

Over the past century college athletics have grown more popular than most professional sports. Most of its popularity is due to a large student body in addition to its Alumni, but nonetheless it has surpassed professional sports from its monetary success to its fan support. College athletics are also a very important commodity to Universities around the nation. Next to student's tuition, that's where the majority of the money comes from. No one is more responsible for bringing in that money more than the coach and his/her players. In this notion, one would think that such important people should be paid for a job well done. But this isn't the case. Over the years a question has emerged, should
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Martinez supports his argument by supplying information from; important figures the sports world may know (Steve Spurrier), and rules that continue to fuel his argument that college athletes should be paid. For example, Martinez uses the "amateurism" argument from the NCAA to help explain why college officials would not allow college athletes to be paid, and to further support his argument as to why they should be paid.

Martinez also uses opponent's views to help support his. "Opponents of the play for play idea say that college-athletes should not be paid because through scholarships, they are already being paid" (Martinez). Using arguments such as this one helps Martinez expand his argument so that when he is through there are no aspects of his argument left unanswered.

To validate his argument, Martinez uses actual people and guidelines in his article. He uses Steve Spurrier as an example; "Head coach of the University of Florida, signed a six year contract that will pay him nearly $2 million per year" (Martinez). Using this information shows that a coach, who is not more important than a player, is making a ton of money. As opposed to a player, who makes no money at all and is of more importance. After all, without the players there could be no coaches.

It is a well known fact that college coaches make more than enough money. Just recently,

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