Should College Athletics Be Paid?

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Should college athletics be paid College athletes devote much of their time and energy to their teams, and in return the teams often receive a big-time deal, College athletics spend at least 43.3 hours per week to practice and have a commit to the team. Have you ever wondered why teams are so good, the reason for that is colleges recruit the best players around the country or state so their team overall can be the best all time. So why not pay the athletics if colleges are getting ranked players. Athletes in college receives a lot of attention, through their practices and performance on and off the They uplift the names of their colleges and give it a name that would otherwise not be acquired. They make their college mates proud of their college, and they may boost enrolment of many others, which would benefit the school. Athletics stand a position to earn a school other benefits, not only to the players but other students too. They may win study scholarships for their school mates by their exemplary performance (Owens et al 20). College athletes should be entitled to the same rights to payment as other employees comprising of medical covers and adequate compensation for using their God given talents. Often, these players are injured when in the field; sometimes others may pass out due to the extreme use of energy. Thus, they incur additional costs that may not be refunded. They should be offered financial security to take care of these emergencies so that
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