Should College Be A Campus Police?

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Lately Brevard College was named one of the safest colleges in America, but the real question is are we really safe at Brevard College? For a school that has a tuition of $38,000 and at least 800 students and the campus size of 120 acres of land, there is only a couple campus security guards strolling around this campus and strolling an off campus resident. Two years ago, there was a problem with some females getting stalked and almost assaulted on campus. Until this day, we have yet to find the suspects because the suspects have gotten away because of only a one security guard being on duty and that’s not the only reason the suspects got away, it’s because our security guards are not capable enough to catch the suspects. Even though this is a small college, me and my partners believe that Brevard College should invest in a campus police. I believe every college should have at least campus policies regardless of the size of the campus. Every since 2007 at the University of Virginia Tech, I think that’s when college campuses should have been heavy on security or campus police. The students on campus should be able to walk around knowing they are safe whether it’s in the daylight or nightfall. As a student of Brevard College who stays on campus, I wonder about my safety every day. One of the most important aspect parents look for when they send their child off to college is “Will my child be safe when l leave?” Me and my fellow colleagues believe Brevard College should plan
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