Should College Be A Competitive Global Economy?

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“We live in a highly competitive global economy. If our economy is to be strong, we need the best educated workforce in the world. That will not happen if every year hundreds of thousands of bright young people cannot afford to go to college and if millions more leave school deeply in debt.”- Bernie Sanders ( www.sanders.sen ). People can interpret this as him saying that going to college can help our economy because we need educated people to build it, and that the reason it does not happen is because people may not be able to bear the expense of college to go or if they do go they end up with debt. With that said college should be free. In this day and age there are students in the world who would be exuberant to go to college, but they do not have the chance to go because they can not afford to, or if they do end up going to college they are in debt up until they have completed their degree and acquired a job. Furthermore, in households today there may be more than one child in the household; meaning that a family may have to worry about not only paying for one child’s tuition, but all of their other children’s tuition also. In school you hear all the time that you should continue your education, and to look at what colleges can offer the students, and for that to happen students start to research colleges.
High school seniors, who decided to continue their education by going to college, have many things they need to consider when choosing their schools. When the
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