Should College Be College?

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Every year millions of students make the choice to attend college to further their education and obtain a degree. Many of these students have their own purpose for coming to college, most would assume they come to college to get a degree in order to get a job. Some go to college for other reasons, or a combination of reasons. One’s purpose should only be defined by the individual themselves and shouldn’t be assigned to them. This goes the same for making the decision to go to college, one should choose whether they want to attend college. When I made the choice to go to college, I had a plenty of reasons why I should go, but didn’t have many reasons to not go. The one reason I had that would have changed my decision is most likely a concern for most, the cost of attending college. I looked past that and decided to come to college, and I like many thought my purpose was to go to college just to get a degree. After the first moth of college I learned that I have multiple purposes. Throughout my first month of college, I have learned from many individuals what their purpose is. This made me rethink the reasons why I came to college, and by doing that I came to the conclusion that there is multiple reasons I went to college. My purpose is to not only earn a degree, but to discover who I am, learn about different types of people, learn how the real world works, to mature into a capable adult, and to meet new people. College not only teaches material one is going to need for a

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