Should College Be Free College?

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Free College
Why are not more people going to college? One obvious answer would be cost, especially the cost of tuition. But the problem is not just that college is expensive. It is also that going to college is complicated. Free college is not just about cultural and social, neither economic. It means navigating advanced courses, standardized tests, and forms. It means figuring out implicit rules-rules that can change. College graduates have higher employment rates, bigger salaries, and more work benefits than high school graduates. College graduates also have better life, live longer, interpersonal skills, have healthier children, and proven their ability to achieve a major milestone.
For parents and students, free college sounds like a dream come true. Free college is not a new idea, but, with higher education costs and students debt dominating public perception, it is one that appeals to more and more people. The national debate about free, public higher education is long ago and. Last year, Germany eliminated tuition because they believed that free college works. Germany used to charge student $1,300 per year, which was later found discouraged the Germans from going to college. Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, Argentina, Egypt, Spain and many other countries around the globe also offer free college to all of their citizens and foreigners too. Next year, Chile will do the same. If other countries can make free college, so can the

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