Should College Be Free?

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Having grown up in the modern society where furthering your education is pushed down our throats since elementary, I am planning to attend college. My sisters and I being the first generation in our family to attend college, everything is a little scarier. Nothing scared me more than seeing the cost of the tuition. My parents dropped out of college after one year because they didn’t put the work in to get scholarships, and tuition was too much. My oldest sister is in her third year of college and is already planning to come out of college with $70,000 debt, because she is in a private school. She has worked very hard to earn scholarships, and to keep up her grades. With the price of tuition increasing every year, many people are starting to ask “Should college be free?” With my experience about college, I have yet been able to consider the reality of actually being a college student. I haven’t been able to work hard because of the cost, or to have it be free and given to me. As a High school student who will be attending college in two years, I began my research, with why it should be free, because in 6-7 years I don’t want to be paying thousands of dollars for an education I already received. However, I also recognized that free college could be bad for the economy, and not make the students work as hard. So I still do not know, if college being free would benefit United States as a whole. For this exploratory essay, I wanted to look deeper in this problematic,

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