Should College Be High School?

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This class is one of the most major events that has happened to me so far. Choosing to take college classes while I’m in high school was a daunting decision. I’ve heard my councilors say things along the lines of “that’s really brave” and “good for you, getting a jumpstart on college”, but in reality, I’m just trying to beat the clock. In all honesty, this assignment was really difficult. The first time I read the instructions, for whatever reason, I thought we were to write a five-page memoir about our whole entire lives, which wouldn’t have been too difficult, even though I’m only fourteen. Writing five pages about one event is much, much tougher. I decided to write about doing college in high school, because no matter how you look at it, these will affect my future. There will be the obvious consequences: getting a degree faster, being able to further my education at a quicker pace, etc., but there I’m sure, down the road, there will be previously unforeseen consequences. To prepare for this class, I had less than others. I have elementary school under my belt, as well as Middle School. Most people in college have also had high school to prepare them for college, but I think I almost have better. In elementary, I had pretty top-notch teachers, they never let my other peers and I get away with not giving it our all. Back when I was in those classes, I despised my teachers for not letting me slack off every now and then, now though, I thank them from the very bottom of
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