Should College Be Required?

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Should College be required? When I think about college I think about our country being a land of opportunity. Having the opportunity to learn. Not many people realize but not going to college is a missed opportunity. Some may argue that college is just not meant for them, the reason they say this is because they are weak and don’t believe in themselves. College is a choice that we can choose to learn and test our skills or we can choose to not know what skills we have. In middle school there were kids who were excellent athletes, some great at math, and others great in other subjects. On the other hand I always wanted to find that great talent of mine, I was mediocre in most subjects. I kept trying new things to discover what I’m really good at. I realized that it’s not that I had to try new things but to find my passion and focus on it and build myself off of it. I gained passion in college it gave me hope that one day my hard work will pay off with the education that was gained. As I grow older I realize many of us are mediocre, College should be required because it will be a necessity to keep up with our fast paced, competitive, technological society. According to data from the National Center for Educational Statistics, people with a college degree, on average, will earn significantly more over a lifetime than people without a degree. And the benefit increases with education beyond the baccalaureate. This relation of higher education and economic advancement has been
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