Should College Campuses Be Banned?

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Since the beginning of public education, there have been heinous crimes on the campuses of the schools. These crimes have taken place everywhere, from Columbine High School all the way to a classroom on the Virginia Tech campus. To be more specific the most devastating crime that can take place on a collegiate campus is a mass shooting. So, with more and more states beginning to allow those who possess a conceal carry permit, to carry at more places throughout the state. The question is asked, should college campuses allow students to carry a concealed handgun, while attending class. Some will say that there are already solutions in place; but, these solutions are not effective. The answer is yes, allowing students to carry is the only way to deter mass shootings on a college campus. Now some may ask, “What exactly is concealed carry?” Furthermore, more restaurants and places of work are beginning to allow employees and customers to enter with their concealed weapon. With the crime rate on the rise at most college campuses, campuses should consider allowing students to carry concealed weapons to deter crime. Conceal Carry is when a guy or girl chooses to conceal a handgun on their person. In the many states that allow a person to do such a thing, they must possess a permit or a licenses. In order to obtain such a licenses one must go through vigorous hours of training. Those who wish to obtain the permit have to attend several hours of classroom instructions and numerous
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