Should College Should Be Free For College

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This has always been a question to students if, college should be free to continue their education. In most cases people believe students should not pay for college. Many students could benefit if college was free. A group of researchers studied that the out come free college could result to, lower income students will have a chance for a degree, Student debt will no longer ruien students, and more people will attend college. First, this is a major benefit for lower income students is that now they have an opportunity to attend college without worrying about financial aid money. Letting college be free will eliminate the excuses for not graduating. This would also improve the college graduation rates, as it makes it accessible for low income students to attend. Second, student debt will no longer exist. This will allow students to be smart in controlling more money and responsibly. Most students will also have more money to continue on their major. It will also help low-income save then to waste money they don't have yet. Final, college will allow more people to attend college. This is far most important because people will raise the population of people with a degree. This will also help future generations maintain a healthy grit mentality to attend college. This will also encourage the people to have a better future and healthier life style. In the first claim, it explains that lower income students have an opportunity to attend college, without having to worry about

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