Should College Sports Be Banned?

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College sports were introduced as intramurals to relieve stress caused by school. These games started out unregulated, injuring many players because the games became too aggressive. As the sports became more popular leagues started that would play other schools. Instead of school taking priority, athletes would skip days of school without having to come back. This lead to a negative impact on grades, which didn’t matter because there were no set rules for athletes. The National College Athletic Association, NCAA, formerly known as the Intercollegiate Athletic Association was founded in 1906. One of the main reasons it was created at this time is because football was almost wiped from colleges for being too dangerous, as were many other sports. Ultimately, they made rules that would protect athletes from being injured or exploited by their coaches or universities. Today the NCAA has many rules that all colleges, athletes, and coaches must abide by. The NCAA label college athletes as amateurs, consequently, they are not paid. Since they are in college they receive this label, only once they play beyond college do they earn compensation as professions. Some of the lucky ones receive full athletic scholarships that pay for the cost of attendance. But if an athlete is injured, the university can take away their Scholarship. Trying to combat this, the NCAA decided to allow colleges to give out multiyear scholarships, so if injuries occur the student wouldn’t have to
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