Should College Students Attend Class Regularly?

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I think it would be necessary for those college students to attend to classes regularly because there are going heavy load of class assignments, journal writing, and on going projects that have to be completed toward end of the semester. The most major problem is that many college students would think for themselves that having overall attendance would not find them to be such a big deal at all. Most times, parents may want to their son or daughter to attend classes anyway so that they have the determinations, future, and sense of satisfactions to success, pass, and finish school early. Another reason that students cannot miss class is because they have to participate actively in the class discussions about professor…show more content…
These factors about how student can be more willing to take pride on themselves to complete their course more effectively, successfully, and thoroughly. For the example, the only way for students to fail the course so badly is by not following through the coursework and by not showing the sufficient efforts to do a good job following up with the learning objectives to be successful and to pass the course that easily. This is where the professors get concern when students are not frequently showing up to class. Though, this is where can throw students off the track by letting themselves get behind on their coursework and to be unable to keep up to speed with their assignments. These attendance issues can as well bring up students into unsatisfactory grades by handing in their work late and not showing up to class everyday. These problems do always happen to those community college students every semester all throughout the United States. It is not that student are encouraged to attend to class regularly. There can be a time when college students are going to be absent that often, due to any family issues, being ill, getting injured, and having planned events that day. Unless, students bring in
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