Should College Students Get Paid?

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There are many types of jobs. Some require education and others require skills. At their meetings, the school board is discussing whether or not students should be allowed to chose if they can take College Preparatory classes or Career Technical Education courses, eliminating General Education. I believe students should have the choice to pick their own classes depending on what career they want. A job is a job. But each job wants their employees to do some type of work. Employees get paid for what they know what to do at their job. According to U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in their article, “Education pays: More education leads to higher earning, lower unemployment”, the more education one gets, the more money they earn. But they also said that one can get a good job and earn good money with the skills they have. This means, education is important but one needs the right education for a certain job. Interests are very important for a job. If one wants to be a doctor, they will try to become a doctor. If one wants to be a maid, they will try to become a maid. Everyone wants to be something when they grow up. We all do not want the same job and there are some jobs that needs workers. It all depends on the person and how hard they’ll try to become what they want. Education helps as well. Students should not be forced to learn every…show more content…
Not all jobs require college. Yes, it’s a good idea to continue one’s education but it depends on the career. Even though, in the article, “Is College Worth It?”, by The Costco Connection, it explains that some jobs “can be performed by someone without a college degree” meaning that one does not have to go to college for a certain job. For example, beauticians need school but they do not need to go to a university. They even get paid a lot of money too, depending on where they work and who they work for. College is not everything but the right education
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